The Lesson of the Lotus Flower

The day the idea of The Moto Quest was born

 Aileen at MichiMy knees pulled close to my chest, gazing into the rice fields and enjoying the rivers sound deep down the steep cliff. You can barely see it, but the strong energy of the moving water carries your ego and it’s attachments away. After a very intense healing workshop I joined in Ubud, my friend and I were sitting in silence. Raw, vulnerable and allowing to feel whatever came through. It was a lot. A hell of a lot! For both of us. We just met a few days ago but have witnessed, on only one weekend, each others deepest pain and traumas and built an amazing bond. We truly met on soul level.

The morning of that day, I was up early, went for a walk and did a meditation on the lotus flower that was unfolding its beauty in the ponds near by. The splendor of this incredibly gorgeous pink blossom caught me and I sat with it for quite a while during the sunrise. I came to realize how nature appears in an infinite and simple perfection. Look around you! Can you see anything that isn’t just perfect? It’s our ego, our thoughts and emotions that create a reality of struggle, pain and judgment.

The lotus is able to emerge itself from muddy waters unspoiled and pure. I was looking at it and wondered that if it could talk, would it complain and sigh about the effort it had to go through to express itself and flourish? If we would just listen to the voice of nature more often…

Lotus 2

We just had our breakfast and were now sipping on a papaya juice, that I had learned would do my stomach issues well. It felt like the time had stood still. I observed an old woman, about 70 of age I guessed, who was doing hard labor in the rice field across the river. She seemed at peace. I imagined how her life would look like on a daily base and how much she seemed in tune with what she was doing. In tune with nature, herself and life’s purpose.

I had to gone through so much pain in the last few months and felt so occupied by it, that I found it hard to take the paradise in, in which I found myself. I could see Bali’s magnificence with my eyes and captured it well with my camera lens – but hadn’t quite fully arrived on a deeper level. It felt I had lost my purpose. Everything that I had been working towards to just blew up and life changed so unexpectedly. Why? I understood, that everything happens for a reason, yes, I always believed that. But what was the reason and now… WHAT IS MY PURPOSE? Have I been so far off track, that, I like to call it “the universe”, neglected my effort and forced a change?

I knew it was time to shine my own beauty, just like the lotus flower. The muddy water I pushed myself through in the last year, were a price I was willing to pay to see the sunlight… However, damn, I didn’t think the sunlight could hurt that much!

My friend and I were drifting between our own thoughts and conversations with each other. I felt the urge to think out loud and so it happened that we started analyze what it was, that I really wanted. It’s easy to get caught in your own thoughts and for them too, it sometime hurts to get exposed to the daylight… It was time! I knew it was my time to bloom.

I love motorbikes; photography, writing, traveling and have always enjoyed working on my personal and spiritual development. I found fulfilment in inspiring and mentoring others. Like many of us, I’ve sometimes doubted my abilities and allowed the fear of not being good enough to get in the way of expressing myself to the fullest. I suppose everything I want is on the other side of that fear.

It was about overcoming this fear and facing my own demons. Not the ones that show their faces in daily life, but the ones that likes to hide deep in my subconscious. I felt a longing to spend time with nature by myself. I struggle to regularly meditate, so being on a lonesome journey; I thought might bring to the surface what’s been hiding beneath.

In the past, I have found peace in riding my motorbike. Nothing else keeps me in the present moment like cruising on two wheels towards the horizon. I believe it is a very meditative state. In that conversation, summing all these thoughts up, the first idea of The Moto Quest was born. I hadn’t yet considered traveling the whole world on a bike, but to spend a few months on my own to explore myself, nature and to deepen the practice of shamanism. I am seeking answers. We all do, don’t we? I was sure I wouldn’t find them in the state I was in.

So here I am, doing all the things I love in order to move beyond that anxiety to live life at it’s fullest. The Moto Quest is the summary of my desires put into action. It is the result of the courage to ask the real questions of existence and being true to myself.

2 thoughts on “The Lesson of the Lotus Flower

  1. You’re such a lovely person Aileen, inside and out! I hope you continue to find health and happiness in your travels. Both on and off the bike.

  2. Hi Aileen, I appreciate your honest and authentic discourse on being true to oneself and asking the challenging yet profound questions we all must do to meet the promise of our hearts and souls. Nature is exquisite in it’s messages, lessons and metaphors. As one gazes at the lotus, standing pure, beautiful and glorious in stagnant, dirty, muddy surroundings, the stark contrast evokes a zing to our souls. Simply by looking at this amazing visual our inner light stirs and bursts forth. Nature not only has all the remedies to our physical being, it is the teacher, guide, mentor and messenger of our spirit.

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