Gratitude Gratitude
I have learned to be grateful every single day. For the fact that I am alive. For life itself and all the beautiful things its build of. Nature, relationships, motorcycles, emotions… I could count so many things that are worth being thankful for, but at the end it all sums up in one word: LIFE. When you almost lost yours a few times, you understand and appreciate it differently. It is  precious and fragile and needs to be taken good care of.
Never forget to live mindfully. Every single breath you take is a magical gift.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. follow link Don’t know how I came across this site, I am a man of 75 years.
    Just love the way you take on life, to me being beautiful isn’t about looks at all, it’s how we carry ourselves in life, to me young lady you are an inspiration to us all, I look forward to your MotoQuest adventure and wish you so much of all that is good in life.

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