DEUS Slidetober Fest 2013

Deus Slidetober FlyerIt was already Thursday morning, when I found out about a Motocross event on the weekend, that Deus was putting together somewhere on the West coast of Bali. Finally something, I thought, that wasn’t “shanti”!! I needed an escape from that spiritual Disneyland of Ubud and sense some moto life. Dirt, noise, grease and a bit of baaaaarrrrp was exactly what I wanted. I got very excited and had the idea of spoiling myself that weekend, in hiring a motorbike instead of riding down there with my little scooter. Yes, I deserved it! So I was on a mission of finding a suitable bike for the weekend. A modern one wasn’t was I was seeking, which limited the possibilities dramatically. Everywhere I saw a customized bike, I stopped to find out who owned it and if I could rent it for a weekend. It turned out harder than I thought; until I walked in a grimy little Indonesia workshop I spotted by chance. All eyes were on me and I felt very awkward. A girl has not much to do in a biker workshop here and when I asked for a motorbike, they told me they don’t have scooter. “No no, tidak* scooter. Motorbike!”, I responded. No one really served me and the boys were shyly talking in Indonesian to each other, until Yanik stepped out and asked what I was looking for. A cute Indo boy with tatts, in his early twenties. I explained to him, that I was looking to take a bike to the coast for a few days and pointed out a few rides in the workshop, that I liked. A little Honda Dream caught my eye, but unfortunately none of the bikes they had, where ready to be ridden or available to be rented. I hadn’t given up yet and asked Yanik, if he has a friend or knows someone with a bike, who would like to make some cash on renting his personal ride out. He made a few phone calls, we swapped numbers and he said he would get back to me.

On the evening of the next day, we caught up at 10pm at a servo near his village, I jumped on the back of his scooter and we headed off to meet some of his friends. Yes, you have to have a little trust in people, to do such a thing. We went to a friend’s house and a gorgeous little Honda was parked outside, waiting to be test ridden by me. I have no clue what kind of a bike it was. I don’t know enough about bikes yet but it was pretty and customized; a mixture of brat style and motocross. Light blue colour, brown leather seat. I was in love. Well, until I had to kick start that baby and rode it down the side streets realizing, it had almost no break. When I pulled back in at their place, the boys said “Ja ja, no front brake. But back brake. No problem.” Additional to no light and non-existing indicators it didn’t make a very safe ride. They saw by the look on my face, that I wasn’t too happy and offered me some whiskey. I hope it was whiskey!! While carefully sipping on the bottle, almost pretending just not to be rude, I tried to understand what Yanik was talking about on the phone. He smiled when he hung up and said, “We have other bike, like your old bike”. So we went for another little ride through the dark villages, which probably lightened up with the sparkle of my eyes when I saw this great café’d Honda CB. Now it was about kick starting it again – in flip-flops!! I felt the bottom of my foot getting sore but I would not give up until I kick started that bike without a miss. Yay!! I was proud. Now I could take it for a spin. I was wearing the biggest smile until barking dogs chased me through the tiny streets of the village. I was filled with panic but glad I had a fast moto to escape. My heart was racing faster than the bike and the boys laughed at me, saying I would wake up the whole village with the noise I was making. “Ha! Very funny! I didn’t care, I just rode for my life.”
Unfortunately this bike also didn’t meet any roadworthy requirements and I had to give up on the idea of riding to the Deus Slidetober Fest on a bike. It was past midnight when we fare welled each other. I was a bit disappointment but happy about that fun night I had. At least I had learned how to kick-start an old bike.

On the next morning I took off early, after only a few hours of sleep. It was the first time I undertook a longer ride in Bali and had to stop a million times to check the map. I got lost in Denpasar, eventually made it to Seminyak to drop of my stuff at a friends place, scooted from there to the racetrack and was quite relieved when I arrived, that I hadn’t made this trip one of the dodgy bikes from last night…

Here I was!!! Dust! Engine noise! Smell of BBQ and the breeze of the ocean made my heart turn a somersault.

Aileen homewards SlidetoberI had a brilliant weekend and returned to Ubud with a bruised bottom of my right foot, sunburned, a Slidetober tee, phone numbers of new friends, dusty clothes and heaps of photos on my iPhone.

Pictures, which tell more than words.

A Moto & Surf Rally

Saturday’s Moto-X

Sunday’s Surf Rally


*tidak is Indonesian for no/not

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