The Fisher’s Wisdom

Fisher's Wisdom

This is fisher Made and his grandson. I met them at Keramas Beach and started chatting to him to see what they were fishing… His English was very poor, so he started drawing into the sand. He explained me his view of the universe and how he believes we are all one. He told me that he believes every human being is a composition of mind, heart and spirit and how sadly it is, that there seem to be people without ‘spirit’ in this world. The ones starting wars and building guns.

He drew a picture in the sand explaining how the earth is the female energy, the moon the male and the sun the spirit, that gives life to everything. “My grandson and I wouldn’t be fishing, if there wasn’t the sun giving spirit to fish and life to the ocean.” He believes that along the equator, where the sun is the closest to earth, the spirit in people is stronger than in other parts of the world. “You are my friend” he said, “even though you have a different colour and another language, we all have the same spirit. We are all one”. We talked about fish, friendship and humanity. At the end there was this beautiful image of the universe drawn into the sand and a smile on our faces. It’s these moments when two hearts meet and no language is needed to make a new friend.
Thank you Bali for your wonderful people!

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