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With a big hug I welcomed my beloved little bike back, after it had an internal surgery for 6 days at the Honda dealer. It had not been running well. The bearings of the valves needed to be exchanged as there was some customisation done, as well as the carburetor played up. I took it to Honda near Ubud, but all they could do was staring at the bike, shrugging their shoulders not knowing what to do… Scooters as far as you can see in that workshop and not much knowledge about motorbikes, as it seemed. Well, not when it’s off the operation manual anyway… Welcome to paradise! So I took it down to Seminyak and had a local custom builder looking at it, who confirmed my concern about the carbies and valves, but didn’t have time to pull the engine apart. He wrote me a little “love letter” for Honda in Denpasar, which I was supposed to handover with my bike and a smile 🙂 Hello bike & Goodbye Ano 8 Almost a week later I got my baby back and of course, spent the whole day in the saddle. It wasn’t only about testing the mechanical conditions of the bike but also my physical conditions in the saddle, after the throwback due to health issues. I picked up my dear friend Ano (Ano’s blog), who I met at last year at Deus’ Slidetober and who I have built I wonderful friendship with since then. For him it would be his last ride in Bali for quite a while, as he is moving back to his home country, back into the arms of his beloved family. I couldn’t think of a better farewell than waving Bali’s beautiful landscape goodbye from the back of a motorbike… Hello bike & Goodbye Ano 5 We made our way up North from Canggu, avoiding the main roads as they are packed with trucks on the way to the ferry port. And wow, we were REALLY sidestepping the main roads… In between I wondered if there were actually roads, where we were riding. Beautiful little villages, graveled trails through rice terraces and the biggest potholes I ever had to manage on a bike. Pretty much just leftovers of streets… What started with slalom around the holes soon became something that rather felt like motocross to me; me with my very very little skills. My whole body was tense, the smile on my lips that I usually wear when riding, turned into me biting them and hoping to make it through these rough conditions without dropping my bike. It took me a while to figure out how to approach that challenging surface and Ano, very often disappeared already somewhere far ahead behind a hill… until, after a while, I managed to catch up in a bit more decent speed and a more confidence. I just started to enjoy it, when we came to the main road…

Hello bike & Goodbye Ano 15

We wouldn’t stay on it long, instead we made our way up to 550m above sea level for a fish curry on the bottom of mount Gungun Batukau. Probably some of the best and smoothest winding roads that you can find in Bali. I wish they would have gone on forever… What a treat after the bumpy paths we just travelled. Hello bike & Goodbye Ano 14 We made it back to Canggu just before sunset and I still had to face another hour in the saddle to my recent “home” in Ubud. Even though my body was already exhausted and I felt the weakness from the illness still sitting in my bones, I made it home safe and fell into bed with the biggest smile, knowing that my girl is parked out the front again. She was doing well. Much more responsive and in tune, starts well now and even a bit more power. Towards the end the engine made some tinkling sound that I can’t locate yet. I will deal with that the next few days… God, I can’t wait to be all good and ready to roll! Hello bike & Goodbye Ano 10bw

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  1. Was indeed a great last ride in Bali for me and a first of many for you. Sorry to drag over those pot holes but that’s where you find the real bali. More better! Be safe with your travels. Godspeed!

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