’til we meet again

The last few days in Bali had been somehow different… Something changed.
My body gave me all alarm signals that I really need to calm down and relax; “sabar” as my Indonesian friend would say.
The hassles with the bike were creating a lot of tension and doubts for me. I started thinking that all these throwbacks may be signals that I am on the wrong track. That maybe travelling wasn’t what I needed. I felt an attachment to the island and received so much love back from it, like never before in the last 12 months. All of a sudden Bali started feel more homely. The island and me had a very messed up relationship due to the painful circumstances in which I got here. It wasn’t really that I wanted to be in Bali and yet did I try to appreciate its beauty and gentleness. Now that it was about to say goodbye, I felt tired and just wanted to sink into the arms of the Bali Gods and my friends. Leaving scared me.
Another farewell? Again?

Kintamani morning fog

I have kept for myself and pretty isolated most of the past year and also due to the high transition in this place, I have made only a very few good friends. These few friends knew very well, that one of my quest’s missions is to find myself a new soul home and they kept telling me that I maybe should stay; they confirmed how much Bali loves me and that maybe what I planned 6 months ago, isn’t applicable now anymore because I already have found what I was looking for… Confusion. My mind and heart is filled with lot of confusion.

Sacred Moment

Meeting the whole crew and friends around Moonstone Garage, created an even more homelike feeling. I am so very grateful for having found the boys; something, that would have never happened with a perfect running motorcycle. And at the end, they got the bike road-ready for me. So which signs are to be interpreted here? Stay? Go? In saying that; not only have I met a very talented and patient mechanic in Kadek, I also found my Bali moto family. A great bunch of people that care about my bike but even more about me. They have picked up my massive lack of energy and wouldn’t let me ride off without me promising to look after myself. Yes, sleep was probably what I needed, but my mind was too busy to lie down and rest. I found my therapy in riding.
Riding, riding, riding…

I have never ridden so much like in the last few days and it truly shifted something within me. It increased my confidence in the trip; it highlighted my passion for riding and the feeling that’s emerging with it. I knew, that will be fine out there in the saddle and that The Moto Quest is what I want and need right now.
It also was some very intimate time with Bali, this gorgeous Island of Gods and me.

Throttling along in silence for hours and hours was my very personal “Aufwiedersehen” to Bali.

Not a “Good Bye” – but an UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN.
Kintamani on two wheels


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