Expanding my Soul at Bumbang Beach, Lombok

Without any plan of where to go, I just followed the beautiful roads bedded amongst mountains and rice fields. While wearing a big smile on my face, I was soaking in the different energy of Lombok, observing the people while I rode along. Watching their daily activities of drying rice in the middle of little country roads, travelling around in so called “Cidomos” (small horse carts with tiny Suluwesi horses) and attending their Ibadah Sholat (Muslim praying sessions) in the gorgeous colourful mosques.

I was just cruising along for hours, exploring the island, waving at kids, noting the way the locals of Lombok dress traditionally, taking in new smells, sounds and energies… Isn’t this one of the most magical splendors of motorcycling? Being able to absorb all that without boundaries around you. Be exposed to your environment purely. Being so beautifully present on every road you ride; in every village, landscape and atmosphere you are throttling through. Exploring a new place on two wheels is such a different experience to doing the same in a car… I am only riding since 4 years and I love it more and more with every kilometer…

I was heading south of the island, where the vegetation appeared more and more dry (it reminded me a little bit of the Australian bush land) and I found myself in a place called Kuta. As far as I heard it was a touristy place that is highly recommended and as I expected, as soon as I knew it was “popular”, I didn’t like it very much. Yet I inquired about a few homestay prices and they weren’t really in my budget either. So I kept riding along the quiet and hilly roads further east… With every turn it got more and more remote and I was wondering if I would find any place to stay here.

And wow, I did! I discovered this beautiful beach, with little platforms for lobster fishing floating in the bay. It was already late afternoon when I dropped my heavy bags in the tiny, very basic bamboo bungalow by the beach, which was the only accommodation there and was so cute!

(Click here for a random nice little video I found on YouTube with a bird view on Bumbang Beach)

IMG_0294_flipped copyBy the time the sun was about to set, I had taken off my boots and enjoyed the sand massaging my feet while strolling along the beach in a bikini and sarong. I took a few very deep breath of that new gained freedom and it felt like the space around my souls started expanding. This was the first evening of my new adventure. The very first night alone on the road. Something I felt so nervous about during the last few weeks (maybe months) and I was wondering how it would look like… Where will I sleep? How would it feel? And will I be ok?

A lot of the pressure and hassles that I had faced before my departure just dropped off my shoulders and I was fully present in that beautiful moment, which was filled with innocent and cheerful laughter of the local kids playing at the beach, of fisher bringing in their boats and carrying them back on land, dogs chasing each other in the sand and the sun setting quietly behind the hills in the west…

Bumbang Beach Lombok 2

I would spend the next three nights at Bumbangku Beach Cottages, which was the perfect place for the oh so needed sleep and silence, recovering my mind and body from the most recent turbulences of logistics and bike issues. I enjoyed my time spent alone, as much as the time I giggled, laughed and joked around with the kids at the beach.

Garbage bag kite 5



If you ever head to the south of Lombok, I highly recommend this beautiful accommodation with a very family-like flair, that is created by the friendly stuff, the humble owner and lovely guest, which this place seems to attract.

Bumbangku Beach Cottage
located at
Jl. Raya Awang,
Dusun Bumbang,
Kuta Lombok, Indonesia.

Phone : +62(0)370-620-833
Mobile : +62(0)81-9078-71311
Email : reservation@bumbangkulombok.com

Bumbang Beach Lombok 1

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  1. The way you describe every little experience you had is really flowing. I do love it! Some day I would do a bike vacation like you did. Thank you for writing about Lombok. I hope people around the world will come and feel the atmosphere of my homeland 🙂

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