The Honda C70 – beautifully humble

The Honda C70, with the Bahasa nicknames “Bebek” (duck) or “Kuntul” (heron) had planted into Indonesia motorcycle history and life. Thanks to its devoted owners and lovers, this iconic little bike still lives, as a motorcycle should be, ridden with pride and passion. It stands out and yet is so beautifully humble.

Honda C70 Cubby

The “Super Cub” is a Honda underbone motorcycle with a four-stroke single cylinder engine. Having been in continuous manufacture since 1958, with production surpassing 60 million in 2008, the Super Cub is the most produced motor vehicle in history. The Super Cub’s US advertising campaign, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”, had a lasting impact on Honda’s image and on American attitudes about motorcycling, and is considered a classic case study in marketing. (Wikipedia)

Also in Indonesia, the “cubby” an icon of the 20th century and transportation. Honda own 80% of the market and truly got Indonesia moving.
Thanks to its robust and simple but yet very advanced concept (the engine got developed in Honda’s Isle of Man TT racing program), you can sill spot many C70s here; numerous of them, like my friend Boedy’s C70, in tip-top restored conditions or creatively modified.

I am just an absolutely in love with the Cubby and oooooh would love one of these cute motos so badly!

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