Indescribable Moments

Buddhist Temple Bali

So far I have been trying to share as much as possible of my journey with you, yet had I come to realise that some of the best moments of my quest are the ones that I can’t tell anyone about. These moments that are so special that words cant capture them; they are so magical that you wouldn’t believe me.
Not always do I have a camera in front of my eyes and even more so, never will a camera lens be capable to capturing the heartfelt emotions within me, while experiencing what’s seen in the photo.
I am mentioning in my description about The Moto Quest, that this isn’t just a journey on a motorcycle. Oh it is so much more than that! TMQ is something far beyond that image of a “babe on a bike” kinda stuff! My bike is my companion and best friend on this trip, my teacher and mentor and my ‘home’. It is a vehicle that allows me to experience each landscape and surrounding directly; I am finding myself being fully exposed to it. On the other hand my bike restricts me in a beautiful and challenging way. Such as that it does not allow me to take a lot of luggage with me. Living a life very basic. It forces me to remove all desires of luxury, fashion and comfort. Travelling with almost nothing creates a lot of space for that giant ocean of experiences lying ahead of me. In leaving all my belongings and my whole old life behind, I literally left myself, the old Aileen and who I thought that was, behind. Even though at that stage of occurrence it wasn’t a choice, it had turned out to be the most wonderful blessing one can receive. I am learning a harsh lesson of letting go. Letting go of the past as well as of all expectations of the future. There is no place that I know I will return to; none that I am defining as being my home, apart from the saddle of my motorbike. I will not find such a place until I have found ‘home’ within myself. I am not even holding any postal address or any ID card other than my passport.
It is interesting to observe how life keeps taking things away from me… Since the loss of my life in Melbourne, I have lost almost everything else that has some form of emotional attachment to my previous being. Personal treasures such as an amazing and very meaningful piece of jewelry that stood for everything I had learned and experienced in Australia, all my documents and bankcards as well as my external hard drive with all my photos, memories, writings, and documents back to 2004. There is so much imagery in that.
A lot is happening here “behind the scenes”, that you haven’t found in any of my Facebook post or website updates. Portions of these indescribable and non-capturable moments are the ones within me. TMQ is a healing journey, an inwards journey. A quiet one. Sometimes I find it difficult to stay connected to social media in order to allow you joining my adventure. At some stage soon, I may take myself of the radar for a while, to permit a full presence in the very moment.
One of my most important intensions of this voyage is to heal myself, physically and on a soul level. The process and transformation of myself in the last few months has been extraordinary but I am not quite ready yet, to verbalise and share it. Perhaps I do still not quite believe it myself yet. Life is magical, and we are our own amazing gods that can manifest anything, which the ego may define as being impossible. I have proven to myself already, that there are not such a things as boundaries. There aren’t on any level. Physically, emotionally or energetically. I am excited to soon distribute more about my true and deeply personal journey with you and hopefully inspire the world to believe in what the eye can’t see and the mind doesn’t understand.

2 thoughts on “Indescribable Moments

  1. Your right in what your saying the camera doesnt capture the world around us like all of our senses can. But you carry on with your adventure regardless, dont bother about the social media side of it. Just post updates every know and then so that we all know you’re okay .

  2. Hey Aileen. I love what you’re doing! Keep strong and keep riding. Please come to the states. You’ll have a partner in crime. RIDE SAFE and thanks for encouraging everyone.

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