A Plea for HELP!

Little hospital AlienThis is a damn hard one to write… It’s not a usual blog entry; it’s a call for help. And asking for help has always been one of the most difficult things for me.

“Don’t be so proud, it’s your only option!!”
my friends have said.

So here I am… Typing. Deleting. Re-typing. Deleting. Drafting it again…
Where to start?

Maybe with telling you what actually happened…

Klick auf’s Herz für die
(German Translation)

German heart


If you want to skip that whole boring health story and take the shortcut to action,
scroll to the bottom of this post or click here!

I was on my way back from Java to Bali, smashing out as many kilometres as possible per day, because I wanted to reach Bali in time for the 25th Anniversary celebration of my friend’s bike club, HMT.
The road I took back from Jogjakarta to Java’s habour was very unpleasant; over 40 °C (104 °F) in the heat of day. There were many open pit mines and it was therefore very dusty; heaps of trucks and not really much to see. I found the heat and dust very challenging, and I started to feel unwell; incredibly hot, sick and a massive headache. I took more breaks than planned, drank a lot of water and coconuts and probably made the mistake of taking pain killers… something I never do. It numbed my perception of what my body wanted to tell me and therefore I didn’t listen to what was going on at all. At one point, I had to impose upon this family’s prayer room in the middle of nowhere because of incredible exhaustion. View post



on the ferry to BaliHowever, I made it to Bali in time and my last post on Instagram and Facebook was a little video with my dirty face in it straight off the ferry… (already had a fever, but still ignoring it).
I reached Bali at about 10pm that night after a rather turbulent ferry ride, and knew I had to stay close to the habour to rest. But as you can imagine, habour towns in Indonesia aren’t the safest place for a single white woman to stay, so I made my way along the north coast to find a more suitable accommodation. About 50km and 1.5 hours later, I finally dropped my tired bones on a big, comfortable bed. My body was boiling, I felt nauseous, threw up, developed a massive migraine and could hardly carry myself into the shower.

After two nights of shaking and sweating in the accommodation in north Bali, I knew I had to get myself down to Denpasar. Not because I considered going to the hospital, but to make it in time to the bike show. I was lucky I had my friend Ali accompanying me, but yet I had no idea if I was capable of making the ride. During the ride, I felt like I was in a bubble and I struggled to focus on the winding roads through the mountains. I dropped the bike on some gravel just when we pulled over for some rest. It had slipped a bit, but I almost had it under control again when it finally went down. I was just too weak and exhausted to hold it any longer.

My friend Ali and our bikes

My friend Ali with our bikes, just after I dropped mine… You can tell by my dirty saddle bags on the right.

What I interpreted as heat stroke turned out to be Dengue Fever; a tropical infection passed on by mosquitos for which there is no prevention and no cure. It can cause death. That being said, many people here get it and recover from it just fine.
However, with my pre-existing health conditions (which I have touched on in previous posts but never spoke about in detail) and a therefore much weaker immune system, it hit me harder than it would the average person.
After my friends witnessed my condition for two days, they insisted I go to the hospital. Needless to say, I never made it to the bike show with my friends. After coming back only for the show and pushing my limits, it was hard for me to accept not being there.

First, I was diagnosed in a local Indonesian hospital and was advised to get treatment at an international facility. The following night, I found myself in the ICU with panicked doctors and nurses around me… I had a dengue shock syndrome; where the blood pressure becomes so low that it cannot supply sufficient blood to vital organs.
Yes, I had already heard the angels singing that night.

Before I entered the ICU, I had managed to leave a voice message for local friends as well as for my parents, which I cannot even remember doing anymore. I woke up to a letter from my Indonesian biker buddies who had rushed to the hospital that night but weren’t allowed in: “You must survive! We love you!”
A dear friend Ali, who I was riding with only a couple of days before, threw herself on my bed crying next morning, in fear but also in relief that I made it through that night.
In the following days I was also diagnosed with Typhoid fever, nasty Amoebas, and a “lady’s infection” due to my low immune system. In addition, I developed bronchitis with a chance of progressing into pneumonia. All these things at the same time were a dangerous combination and my “old health issues” started to flare up again. I have been on three different kinds of antibiotics, painkillers and heaps of other chemical sh*t. My body feels almost radioactive, damaged from all the drugs and totally out of its natural balance.

my drip

I was so exhausted and had no power anymore.
I endured two weeks of 40 °C fever NON STOP, incredible headaches NON STOP, back and bone pain NON STOP and diarrhea NON STOP! The pains were unbearable!

The good news is, my dad and my best friend Jenny from Germany rocked up!! After I left that voice message when things became so critical, they booked an emergency flight and stood in my hospital room only two days later! I thought I was hallucinating from the medication and the high temperature, but NO… it was real!!! When I realised I wasn’t just dreaming, I couldn’t stop crying! It was secretly my biggest wish to have my family around me, but never would have I dared to verbalise this! My prayers had been heard, and I knew this was the best medicine there could have received (besides a lot of sleep and a positive attitude). This was the biggest and best surprise, and immediately I felt stronger to fight whatever was ailing me.

Welcoming my dad with tears in his eyes

Welcoming my dad with tears in his eyes

They were here to bring me home, but unfortunately I didn’t even make it out of my hospital bed in that one week that dad and Jenny were here. The doctor had to tell them that it would take a few weeks of recovery until I could travel by airplane. So they had to leave without me and it was so hard to say farewell while still being in that stupid bed and not even knowing how long until I could leave. Even though they didn’t come for a holiday, I wished so much I could have shown them a bit of my beloved Bali…


Now I was fighting alone again.

Only 24 hours after the departure of my beloved ones, I got the devastating news, which is the reason I’m reaching out to you:

On the second day of my hospitalisation, my health insurance sent the Guarantee Letter stating that they would cover all costs. They withdrew that same letter 13 days later, which left me with a $6,000 hospital bill! It took them 13 days (!!!) to realise that there is a clause in the policy that says I am not covered anymore due to the fact that I have already been outside of Germany for too long. Yes, it is unfortunate that I wasn’t aware of that part of the policy; but it would have been their responsibility to tell me so on “day one” of my hospitalisation instead of sending a confirmation that ensured all would be paid. They even called me and my parents serval times, and were super friendly; even wishing me a speedy recovery. They also confirmed they would pay for my transport back home, including a doctor who would fly with me. Two weeks later, none of that was true anymore!!!
Had I known all of this from the beginning, I would have decided to get treated in a local hospital where the costs would have been affordable enough to be paid in cash.

Letter from Siloam Hospital to my Health Insurance with complain about the withdrawal of the letter of guarantee

Letter from Siloam Hospital to my Health Insurance with complain about the withdrawal of the Guarantee Letter

I understood that from then on I was responsible for all additional costs to the 6 grand myself, and therefore spoke with my doctor about a more affordable solution. He changed all my medication from IV to oral and discharged me from hospital.
After all the medicinal arrangements had been made, paperwork etc had been done, a friend came to pick me up but the hospital staff didn’t let me go.
They held me in the hospital with the intention that they wouldn’t let me go before the amount was paid in full. I had two security guys following me wherever I went, grabbing me by the arm when I simply reached into my friend’s car for some water. Being treated like a criminal, I was sitting on my hospital bed boiling my eyes out and spewing my guts. I knew there was no solution for such a big amount to be paid that fast. Neither my family nor I have so much savings. How long are they gonna hold me for and what will all that cost? Followed by security and nurses, I went to the admin office again and got them to write me a letter stating that they were holding me against my will and I should not pay any room cost from then onwards. They wanted me to sign that same letter under the word “Agreed” – I refused to do so!

Release witheld

Release witheld

After 48 hours of horror, uncertainty, many tears and my mum having a melt down on the other side of the world, a friend that didn’t just swallow this information came to rescue me!
After an argument with the administration and management of Siloam Hospital, they agreed for him to leave his Indonesian working visa and a letter of guarantee to pay the bill if I don’t do so.
What a huge act of trust and generosity!!! I was free, and with shaking legs walked to his car and drove out of there…

I have no idea how to pay the huge bill of $6,000.
After laying awake for many nights trying to think of solutions; a dizzy tirade of  phone calls, insurance babble, legal consultations (which only generates more cost) and several doses of advice raging through my head, the idea I finally settled upon was a fundraising effort (versus fleeing the country).

I realised that if only half my readers donated just $1, I would still be able to pay the hospital bill in full. Seeing it from this perspective gave me new hope that this goal could be achieved! 

Please know that this is a huge step for me to take; asking your for your support… but I am hoping that my wonderful social media community of bikers, life lovers, adventurers, positive thinkers, spiritual seekers and sparkling souls, could possibly sprinkle a little bit of kindness and magic into my PayPal account:



I have no words to express my gratitude for your generosity. I wish I could give every single one of you a massive hug!! All I can give back to you are some wonderful stories of my quest through Lombok, Bali, and Java; to share some of Indonesia’s magic with you and some of the wisdom I have gained from staying with the most humble people and some of the lessons I have learned in solitude on the road…  

I still have 15 pieces of The Moto Quest leather patches and a few stickers left, which I will gratefully send out to the kindest donators. 

The Moto Quest stickers

168 thoughts on “A Plea for HELP!

  1. Read your story… Just made a little donation, hope you’ll reach your quote. Stay strong and a big hug! Love Bali and motorcycle… Would love to know you one day 🙂 faith and hope!

  2. Wish I could have done more, but wanted to help in some way. Best wishes with a speedy recovery. You will remain in my families thoughts and prayers!!!

  3. i have been worried as I enjoy your blog but hope you will continue to mend. I hope my small donation will be matched by many others to clear your problems. You are an inspiration – get well & ride safe x

  4. So sad I cannot make a donation (don’t have a PayPal account and don’t want one!) Is there anyway to make it differently ? Get Well Soon Aileen. Cheers. A.

  5. i don’t know her AND had a similar situation in Singapore , were my Partner needed emergency surgery and they asked me to pay 2700 $ . I could not , so it was impossible to leave the hospital.
    Good Luck! btw i am a friend of Ole

  6. Hi Aileen, I hope a small piece of my donation can help you. You have to know that you have a big fan from Mexico (me), I’ve riding my own moto since few months ago and I want to travel as you do. 🙂
    I really wish you good vibes and a soon recovery. Remember all your fans around the worls.

    Big Mexican Hug!

  7. Donation sent to my inspiration girl. Listen to body sooner toots! It was trying to be your best friend with all the warnings. Best and well wishes. Back on the bike soon.

  8. Donation done and word spread! Now get well and back in the saddle, you´re such an inspiration to the rest of us accompanying you on our own bikes in our minds!
    All the best to you from Sweden!!

    1. PayPal gave me some troubles with tax questions and stuff… It should work now again. Hopefully!
      Because it’s almost 2am here now and my body really needs some rest.
      Thanks a million for your support and good night from Bali.

    1. PayPal gave me some troubles with tax questions and stuff… It should work now again. Hopefully!
      Because it’s almost 2am here now and my body really needs some rest.
      Thanks a million for your support and good night from Bali.

  9. Hi there .. Just read your post .. Tried to make a donation but paypal is saying I can’t … I followed your link … Did I do something wrong ?.. Hope you re feeling better !!
    I m cheering for ya here in Brooklyn NY

    1. PayPal gave me some troubles with tax questions and stuff… It should work now again. Hopefully!
      Because it’s almost 2am here now and my body really needs some rest.
      Thanks a million for your support and good night from Bali.

  10. I don’t know you, but a friend of mine post your story. I hope my little contribution will help you pay the hospital bill.
    Good luck! God speed!

  11. I was thinking about buying a new iPhone cover or whatever online. Then I read this post. Damn. I haven’t been following your journey as closely as many others, but I love seeing your pictures on my instagram feed. I wish I’m going to make a trip like yours someday. It isn’t so much that I’m giving, but little brooks make a river, and rivers make a lake. In this occasion the lake happens to be 6000 dollars. I sincerely hope you get it all! Telepathically sending you energy from Finland! 🙂

  12. I would love to help you out with a donation, but it is not working via Paypal. – “This recipient is currently unable to receive money.”
    I know how sh*t it is to be in a hospital on a trip. Get well soon!

    1. PayPal gave me some troubles with tax questions and stuff… It should work now again. Hopefully!
      Because it’s almost 2am here now and my body really needs some rest.
      Thanks a million for your support and good night from Bali.

  13. I too am getting the “This recipient is currently unable to receive money.”message . Does this mean (hopefully) your need is already met?

    1. PayPal gave me some troubles with tax questions and stuff… It should work now again. Hopefully!
      Because it’s almost 2am here now and my body really needs some rest.
      Thanks a million for your support and good night from Bali.

  14. You must get well and you must do this trip again some day and see it through to completion. Get back on that horse soon. We will spread the word and help find more aid. Be brave.

  15. Hi ! I follow you since few months. You seem so kind, friendly and positive of all your videos and pics. I hope that my little donation could help you.

  16. sorry, I haven’t paypall account
    but do you have bank account
    or maybe, via your friends bank account in Bali?
    I’ll transferred a little donation from Indonesia
    GWS mates 🙂

  17. I avidly follow your instagram and was so sad to hear about your illness. I look forward to you continuing your adventures! Sent a little bit your way.

  18. I wanna help U
    But I don’t have paypall account
    Do U have IDR bank account?
    Or maybe using your Bali friends bank account?
    I’ll transferred via bank account from Jakarta
    Get Well Soon mates
    We always supports you 🙂

  19. Good luck on your journey. I’m good friends with Ali and heard the story when she got back here to Cali. Here’s to your recovery–just sent my donation. xoxo, Annie

  20. Something just doesn’t seem right. I want to believe you, but with so many scam artist out there, I just can’t bring a financial donation. However, if you are legit, then I hope and pray the graces of God make you well and provide you the necessary funds to fulfill your obligations. I felt it necessary to post this just in case this is indeed a scam and have others question before acting. Secondly, because I do have a heart and faith in humanity, send along my prayers for you because no one should ever be without in their time of need.

    1. Stevie,

      I can understand your concern with so many fraudulent schemes out there in cyberspace.

      I am, however, writing to you to tell you that 1) I know Aileen personally. Met her in Bali and I vouch 100% for her character! She has integrity, she is honest, sweet and kind–a good friend–just a LOVELY young woman. I believe her entirely, especially as 2) she confided in me well before her trip about the nature of her “old health issues” as she puts it. In essence, those problems-which are themselves no joke– could easily cause a lowered immune system. 3) Having lived in Bali for close to two years, I can also vouch for the fact that if you cannot afford for a hospital stay, the hospital won’t let you leave until you pay. This happens ALL the time with women who have babies. When they cannot afford the hospital bill, the hospital KEEPS THE BABY until the bill is settled. Anyone who has lived in Bali for some time can confirm this fact. SO, to summarize, yes, I believe Aileen wholeheartedly and am going to send her a donation–and ask my friends to do so as well.

      Hope this helps. Not everyone is a fraud, and Aileen is quite the opposite!!

    2. Stevie, you are far off base and out off your depth here making an uninformed and harmful comment about a brave and fine young woman. You don’t say what “doesn’t seem right” because you have nothing to base the rude insulting comment on.

      First, most of us have communicated with Aileen over a long period of time and know her. Many of us have had similar experiences or adventures and have first hand knowledge of what can and does happen on the road.

      Second, if you think someone would go this level of effort to “scam” a few thousand dollars you you are seriously lacking common sense and most likely just seeking attention. Which you are getting.

      Third, piss off poser. Aileen has Bikers to take care of her.

  21. Aileen, I hope you are on the mend. I have donated and spread the word amongst my Australian biker mates. We never leave a brother or sister stranded and in trouble. Take care ~ Happy

  22. Happy to send a donation your way. I wish I could ride around the world like you have. Good luck, recover fully and get back on the bike so I can follow your journey.

  23. YOU GOT THIS!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you! I have made a donation, I wish it could be more. I wish you nothing but love, good vibes, and a speedy recovery!

  24. Schatzi … ich habe gelesen und jetzt sitze ich hier und weine! Ich will Dich ganz fest drücken … in echt! Can you feel it? Ich sitze im Potsdamer Garten – in Waldstadt – unter unserem Pflaumenbaum und wir drücken uns bei einem Glas lieblichen Wein. Ich glaube fest daran, dass wir uns wieder sehen … in dieser Welt … ich freue mich schon jetzt riesig drauf! Bitte pass auf dich auf … Deine vier Döhnel´s

  25. Just saw a post on advrider.com about your blog and came over to read and donate. Hope you get well and back on the road soon!!

  26. When I asked a pilot about dangerous animals on the neighbouring Philippines I thought about snakes, spiders and other poisenous beasts. His answer was: “The Mosquito! It spreads Dengue Fever!” It’s painful and messy, I learned. And often deadly on the second infection. I hope it will neither kill you nor your admirable spirit!

    Donated and cross posted to the FB group “International Brotherhood of Adventure Riders” with over 7000 members. The financial mess should be sorted out quickly.

  27. Wish you a fast recovery and hope things fall into place for you soon. Keep the adventure spirit alive. Cheers.
    Made my small donation.
    Get well & ride safe

  28. Saw a posting on ADVrider regarding your situation. Sent you a few PalPal dollars. Best of luck in your recovery and resolution of the hospital bill.
    Tom Rigsby (aka, CharlestonADV)

  29. From someone else who packed it all up to ride across asia I can understand that feeling of helplessness when things don’t go to plan. Rest assured though that feeling is nothing but an illusion and there is always help just around the corner.

    All the best with the recovery and look forward to reading about further adventures.

    Hopefully the small donation helps.

  30. Aileen,

    Thank you for letting us help you. Your spirit and story have inspired many people around the world. I would much rather be buying a round of drinks for the whole bar with you! – but I am also happy to help you with this problem. Donation made. Please rest and recuperate for as long as it takes. Peace and Love from Nevada

  31. Aileen…wishing you a speedy recovery. I hope my small donation helps you out. I will spread the word around. Good luck!

  32. After reading your plight I made a donation. I hope it teaches you and hope you get well soon to go home or ride again. God bless.

  33. I wasn’t following your blog but will for now. I came here through a link that Tim Balzer posted on the GS Giants and just wanted to say speedy recovery and let you know I did what I could.
    Get well fellow rider.


  34. I saw caferacerxxx and los_angeles_moto’s instagrams feed and continued to read about your story. I could only dream of the adventures you embark on. I just made a donation, and I hope you recover from your health issues and your bills.

  35. Just share some little $ to lady bikers with inspiring photo and story about her journey. Always read your post and picture, love it! too bad i can meet you in Kustomfest, maybe someday in the road of Bali. Get well soon!

  36. Hi,

    Paypal ID wouldnt let me donate on their site, is there anyway that i couls drop my donation in cash.

    Let me know whether that is possible?

    Hope you are feeling better and ride again..
    Much love

  37. Just sent a donation your way looking forward to future stories
    of your travel’s.
    Four wheels move the body.
    Two wheels move the soul.

    Get well from California!

  38. Donation sent. Wishing you a full and swift recovery so that you may get back on the road soon. Discovering motorcycles later in life helped me through a rough time. Now I don’t go a day without riding or thinking about riding. Those of us on two wheels need to watch out for each other. Safe travels.

  39. This thing may shock you abit, but I hope you are not disappointed to our country and you still want to come here for vacation. I have the same problem with you several months ago because my father was in ICU for a month due to the stroke he had. Our family sold a car and a land. All in all I know how hard it was to have problem with the hospital payment so I sent you a couple of bucks, I hope you to recover soon!

  40. Threw some pocket change in from my ‘quit smoking to cover my riding trip to the states next year’ fund, I need you back up on your feet and posting from where ever you are!

    Wishing you a very speedy recovery from Melbourne, Oz, from one motoquest lady to another 🙂

  41. Hi, just find out about your blog and your situation,
    Started to follow you on Fb and spread the word.
    Did a donation with paypal (working fine btw)
    Get well soon 😉 x
    Damien from Belgium,
    Just a fellow motorcyclist 😉

  42. Sent you some little bucks out of My pocket. Not that much But hope it might help. Whish you all the Best and get your Tires back on the road of dreams quite soon.
    Kopf hoch! Das wird!

  43. Hello,
    I just donated a small amount but I truly hope it will flow with the rest to help you get back on your feet and feeling better.
    Your adventure brings happiness and hope to my heart.
    Thank you 😉

  44. Fembike.de brought my attention to your story. Just donated some $ for you. Hope the hospital bill is sorted soon so that you can fully concentrate on your recovery. Get well und viele Grüße aus Frankfurt/Germany

  45. Hi aileen, please let me share this story to all of my friends the member of motorcycles club.

    Please dont stop your adventure! We all supporting you!

  46. Just send u small donation n pray..I try to spread this news all over Indonesian motor club. Get well soon ok. Ur strong woman, u will pass this moment sist. indonesian Zeeman bikers in Brunsbuttel. Cheers

  47. Dear Aileen
    i dunno u before .. just wanna help 🙂 but I don’t have a PayPal account , is there any bank account? so i can ask to my friends to send a little bucks .
    get well soon Aileen …


    Azprex23 squatters , indonesi(A)

  48. Ride ride ride, my dear.
    ….and should you get the NW US, we’ll ride together.
    …………….ride, ride……………….

  49. Unfortunately, I cannot help financially right now… I so wish I could pay your entire hospital bill because I would, in an instant. You’re an amazing inspirational person and I believe in your quest and who you are. All I can offer are my prayers, and you have those, daily. I can also share your story in hopes that someone else may come to your aid. All the best, and get well soon.

  50. Good luck Aileen.
    Please name and shame the insurance company that dropped you in this mess. I’d like to make damn sure I never insure anything through them!!

  51. Hey Aileen,
    Was told about your struggles through the IBAR (International Brotherhood of Adventure Riders) facebook page. Sent through a donation. Hopefully everything works out for you, and hope to see you back out riding soon.

  52. There’s is no greater proof than the response you have recived from the bike community on Instagram that we have each others backs. I hope my donation along with everyone else’s has brought you closer to being safe and well and back out on the open road.

  53. I’ve been following this young lady for a while now. A journey on a bike is for those who have the strength and will to tackle everything that is thrown at them head-on. The body and finances must be healthy. Health insurance is a MUST and not overly expensive.

    Many, Many riders have silently gone onto journeys and succeeded or failed without any hoopla or drama.
    Your bike will not cross arduous terrain and the need to ask for $$ suggest a lack of planning. What’s next a fund raiser for bike repairs?
    Dreams are wonderful but you must prepare for them especially on motorcycles.

    If you read his Aileen return home gather your health, get a suitable motorcycle, save some $$ so you don’t need to ask for help, prepare a route and really go. One of the most satisfying feelings is to achieve a goal after putting a lot of effort into making it happen.
    Don’t be so naïve to think your on a yellow brick road (American Cultural reference) and all will be fine.

    This was written as a father. I have no ill will towards you. A time will come when you have to fend for yourself alone, then what?

    What happen could very well be a message to you from what ever deity you believe in…. Be safe

    1. Thank you for you fatherly advise and for your concern about my way of living. I wonder if you ever were young and did things wild and “foolish”. If not, I am sorry you missed out on that opportunity.

      Everyone has their own believes and approaches on life. Mine was to rather hit the road unprepared and inexperienced than sitting at a desk 9-5, hoping that ‘one day’ I will have enough money, reached a state of health, own a great expensive but reliable bike and that I am in the perfect circumstances to follow my desire.
      These kind of comfort zones have claws!!

      “One of the most satisfying feelings is to achieve a
      goal after putting a lot of effort into making it happen.”
      You are absolutely right, but you are also not in a position to judge HOW I make my personal goals happening. Neither to I think you really know what they actually are.

      This is not the first negative and very opinionated comment you are leaving on my page. I am sure your own kids may appreciate your wise instructions on life.
      I just dearly hope you didn’t already kill all their dreams.

      And yes, I have received a GREAT message!! A message of love, kindness, cohesion of the world-wide biker community, a flood of amazing energy, heartwarming connections. A message that helped me growing more faith and most importantly MORE FRIENDS!
      I hope you had similar magical and oh so wonderful experiences in your life, too.

      Be blessed and please leave the fatherly advises to my dad, who is actually proud of what I am doing, even though he doesn’t always understand it.

      Love and light,

  54. I’ve been around a bit, including Bali. I know how scary feeling helpless in a foreign country can be. Sent a few dollars. Get well soon.

  55. Sent you a few $. We will get you through this situation. Don’t waste your precious engergy even replying to the negative idiots. Haters will always be Haters !
    Also sending you some get well prayers. LOL Paul

    1. Thanks Paul!! I usually keep quiet and don’t give it any energy. But this wasn’t the first time that that person posted negative comments. I felt I had to stand up for myself a little this time instead of just swallowing, in hope it was the last comment. But what is one or two comments in comparison to hundreds and hundreds of wonderful ones?! 😉

      Thank you for your support!! The bill has been successfully funded!! Yay!!! That’s what matters <3

      Love, Aileen

  56. I realize my comment is late and redundant…

    You know your embassy can help you in emergency situations like this? And with German citizenship at that, you would have been granted a loan and a flight home immediately, paying no interest until three months post-loan.

    You not only endangered your own life but also the lives of others by taking painkillers and driving. There is nothing to be “standing up for” here.

    This is not hating, this is befuddlement. Let your embassy sweat the costs next time and do your duty to repay them when you are able.

    Hope you healed up fast mate.

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