“Yes, the money is something that was so urgently needed and I asked and wondered a lot, why life puts me in such a desperate situation right now; when things just finally started to roll smoothly!

I didn’t think I would find the answer to that lesson so fast…

Buddha statueReaching out for help and witnessing this incredible wave of healing energy and kindness, of support, love and generosity buzzing all around the world to get me out of this situation, is something that has extended all my old belief systems, all these self-set boundaries and my faith in humanity and what’s REALLY possible!
I was praying for a little bit of magic in my life and this is exactly what you have transferred into my account. Every word, every wish, every blessing and every name that appeared on the screen are pure energy that leaves me in tears of gratitude, inconceivability, my heart flooded with love and my body illuminated with the most healing energy!”

I hope you can spare 7’17 min, to watch this little video:

I wish I could reply to every comment, email, PayPal transaction, message and post share! Please understand that it is absolutely impossible for me to address this wonderful flood of hundreds and hundreds of wishes, blessings and statements  individually.
But it is very important for me to let you know, I have read every single one of them and received all of your love and energy, absorbed it, sent it to the parts of my body where its most needed and will pay it forward in the future. 

28 thoughts on “Hospital Bill SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED!!!

  1. Nice of you to take time for a video
    Life is great when such magic occurs
    Thanks and keep updating, we’re always happy to read and listen to new posts

  2. Sometimes true spirit needs a little help to continue a journey. I am so glad to know, that there are so many people out there who feel the same. Maybe we meet in Bali, when I am there next month. Take good care of yourself Aileen.

  3. So happy it all worked out for you. Life is full of tests and I am so glad to hear you turned it over to a grander power and were able to rest last night. I have found, often in life, that worrying is a poor use of my energy since what will be, will be. May you be blessed in your recovery and the upcoming challenges of The Moto Quest!!!!!

  4. Happy for you. I don’t know you but your bravery resonated within me. I’m not religious at all but maybe the motorad gods smiled on U. Eh!

  5. Well done. People are really worderfull!!. It only happens in our big bikers family… I’m Glad to be part of this huge and great family. See you on the road again.

  6. So glad for you tried to send money threw PayPal but never use my account last night could not find password but will retry when I get home would like to help with your restart. You have turned poison into medicine NMRK check out this site you might like it http://www.sgi-usa .org
    Good Luck

  7. May you touch others and as you say, “pay it forward” one day. May you live a long fruitful life.
    I was only doing the same as when I was young and in your shoes many times before.
    You are living some of our dreams as you travel the world.
    God Bless.

  8. Didn’t get a chance to donate yet..I’m unemployed, but enjoying your adventure while I’m tied down to the San Francisco Bay Area in California USA. I have some $ to spare for your future adventures, so we can all live vicariously through you. Thanks! Meghan

  9. Ha ha! Thanks for bringing tears to my eyes Aileen. How sweet it is to see the fruitage of loving kindness and to see the joy in your eyes.
    A new start? Hope you share your new adventure with us all but you must take time out to reflect and even pen your experiences and the insights into human nature that you gained on your way here. Digital records don’t have the same charm as good old fasion books. I’ve yet to meet anyone who has asked me if I have read the latest e book or whatever but many ask about the latest book I’ve read
    Join Ted Simon on the library shelf!

  10. The service shown here gives me hope the love in humanity is burning bright. I was uplifted by your message and happy I could be apart of your journey.

  11. Alhamdullilah Aileen god With you . You are an inspiration To everyone especially the traveler and motorcyclist. For you it’s not very easy it Is a very difficult thing for me. But i’m going To try so That i Could like you. God bless and keep the spirit of the lord Trials receive aileen

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