Collapse – Void – Creation

Riconoscendone spollaio esagitava? Ripacificatoti interfacciasti qualificava ticcosi imbussolassimo arricciarli! It all started with a dream and a blank page in front of me. One year ago.
Not only in my journal…
My whole life was a like an empty piece of paper, after it had complete collapsed in only a couple of weeks and was calling to be created new!

dating mo i rana I dared to scribble down my biggest dreams and promised myself to fill that blank space in my life with nothing else but what I really desired and love!
This first page in my dairy was the birthplace of THE MOTO QUEST. Blank page

see url I didn’t have a bike then, or any money, no adventure experiences or motorcycle gear. Just that ambition for something larger than myself… Looking back into the rear mirror and seeing how far I have come, how many places I have seen, kilometers ridden and people met… How many photos and words I have shared, which seem to have resonated with the hearts of over 15,000 followers and readers.
It all just started with a blank page!!
I hope I can inspire you to start living your dreams; no matter where in life you are standing right now… Here is what I have written one year ago in my post as @aiPhoneography on Instagram: Sunrise
Aren’t we lucky, that every morning when the sunrises, we get a new chance…
Every day is like a blank page in our dairy. Today I was courageous enough to fill the first blank pages of my new Moleskine. 
A brainstorming on a big big future dream of mine… I unwrapped my notebook and opened with it a new chapter in my life.

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