Craving Silence and Lonesomeness

I wrote this little article already more than one week ago…
But now, after suffering a health relapse and being in bed on the drip again, I feel it is time to share it.



My dear friends…
I have spent the last three weeks pretty much in solitude. I didn’t see more than a very few familiar faces, slept a lot and tried to drop back into my body.

My plea for help has travelled all around the world and I have gained many new wonderful and engaged followers and friends. What an incredible blessing!!!! Some of you may not be quite aware of the actual purpose of The Moto Quest.
I have started this journey to find healing for a chronic condition that the doctors have given up on many years ago… Additionally to that weakened immune system of mine, has this whole current illness depleted my energy a lot… Since almost 15 years now, have I managed to almost completely avoid any form of Western medicine and gained my current quality of life through alternative and holistic curative practices, spirituality and self-healing. I was only 15 years old when I entered that new mysterious path and I have tried, seen and done a lot, which some of would be hard to grasp for many human minds.

Hospital bw1 hospital bw2After three different kind of antibiotics for an extended period of time, IV painkillers for weeks, other numerous medication and an air conditioned hospital room, in which I wasn’t even able to see the sky, I am feeling incredibly disconnected to my body and my spirit.

(Please don’t misunderstand! My attitude and thoughts are healthy and sparkle happily! What I am speaking about ensues on a deeper, more sensitive level.)

I did decide to share my very personal journey with you; my emotions, experiences and observations of self and my environment, to hopefully not only find healing for only me but to spread love and the beauty of life all around the planet.

On the road THE MOTO QUEST

Until the fundraising, I have not been aware of how many hearts TMQ has touched already in such a short time. Receiving all your blessings, reading your words, personal stories, and how my quest has influenced your life to one degree or another, has truly affected me deeply. I have been thinking about the last 12 months a lot, took this moment to “pull over” and reflect… Something that is hard to do when you are on the road with new impressions and occurrences every day, which it takes to absorb and process. My most recent trip through Java was so full of action, events and new people… A wonderful experience that I am deeply grateful for!!!

Now I am craving silence and lonesomeness.


I am in an interesting sensitive and vulnerable place of growth and reflection at the moment… A quiet one. A for me, very new space. I am not only looking back at my adventure but carefully studying the lessons that the road has taught me. I want to write down many stories, which are so far only in my heart. I have a lot to share with you, but until then, there is so much writing to catch up on.

Also will I have to make new plans of how to continue my quest according to my conditions…


Journal - self love - THE MOTO QUEST This is me-time.

I am still facing a lengthy journey until I have my full physical health and strength restored and I wish to go that way in silence; reduce external noise to be able to reconnect with my inner voice and the voice of the Great Spirit.


I know the road will wait for me and I hope you will, too.

The road will wait THE MOTO QUEST

16 thoughts on “Craving Silence and Lonesomeness

  1. I’ve greatly enjoyed your posts, stories, and sharings. Many blessings and tidings to you Aileen! As much as I’d like to say, ‘Keep the Goodtimes Rollin’, first you must take care of yourself, of course. So, get well, get rested, with solitude, and comfort. Much Love, my Moto-friend. See you around the next Apex!

  2. You have got to get yourself better before your adventure begins again. The road to recovery is a long winding path with no short cuts just keep to the path and you will get yourself better.

  3. Our journeys parallel on so many levels! I also had to pull off the road after an unbelievable year of adventure and healing. I went down last march, and my bike was destroyed . My pelvis was broken and I had to be still for 2 months, I have many stories to tell , and this time has given me time to reflect and absorb the full meaning of what I have experienced. Also, my freinds have been incredible . When I was able to get around, a freind took me sailing to the Bahamas for six weeks. I got back to Florida , fb freind , Louie Mester, loaned me a Harley, to ride like my own, for 3 months. Amazing. I am still waiting for the settlement, which should be soon. When I re-embark, it will be with a greater appreciation for the folks I encounter. I’ve found that it’s not about the places so much, it’s about people and connection . I will ride slower, and with less direction. The universe will deliver me to where I need to be. I look forward to your posts, and will miss you, but take as much time as you need. Know that you are not alone!

  4. I enjoy reading about your journey and look forward to the time when you are ready to share more. Just remember that you are never truly alone, people are there when you need them.
    Just remember these wise words “if you see someone without a smile, give them yours” 🙂

  5. It’s OK. You are still on the journey. Get yourself into a good place in your head and your body. We’ll be here when you’re ready to talk to the world again.

  6. Aileen… 🙂 ….take all the time in the world…true friends and companions in spirit reconnect after years of absence….we all look forward to your return in good health…wherever you may be I’m sure that should you knock on any of our doors there would be a welcome…thank you for sharing with us your adventures, trials and tribulations, insight and inspirations…I wish you health, peace, wholeness, but most of all the continuation of the freedom of spirit you’ve grasped determinedly with both hands and yet have had the graciousness to share with us all….. .love and peace to you… Dewi 🙂 (y)

  7. Aileen,

    Your journey has been a great inspiration to me. Your strength and determination are something to be admired. When you return, I will be following.
    I will send as much positive energy as I can, though I doubt you will need it.

  8. aileen… you are my dear daughter’s age and I’ve followed your ig journey with the care of a mother. And so you’ve reached a place in your journey to rest, reflect and restore. It’s a different kind of a road, as valid as any. Take good care of that inspiring and soaring spirit of yours!
    susanne (an_unlikely_journalist)

  9. We’re approaching Christmas and I was missing your posts. I really do hope that wherever you are, you have a great Christmas. I’m praying for you Aileen and hope your body is enjoying this time of rest and quiet. You have a ton of people thinking about you and who look forward to hearing/seeing you.

    I look forward to seeing you on the road soon.

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