Time Travelling

Being back in Melbourne has been intense in many ways…

Re-connecting to my old life, recognising my new and transformed self in it, while healing old stories and making peace with the fact that I couldn’t gain the so desired residency here. Knowing that this time I am just a “visitor” in a country that I called home, makes my heart ache and fills it with deep gratitude at the same time.


It’s been one month since I am back now and besides some Christmas time spent with friends, test-riding a Harley, a few casual catch ups with beloved ones and a car show, my last four weeks were filled with a lot of sleep and recovery time. Most days I get up for breakfast and fall asleep again before lunchtime. I am feeling okay, I have no pain and keep healing my body with energy generated by my smile, prayers and the love received from friends. Yet am I still very weak and do still need a lot of quiet time after every few hours of action.

Photo of my "friendly" friends by Peter Carpenter at Kustom Nats

Photo of my “friendly” friends by Peter Carpenter at Kustom Nats

The doctors predict a 10-12 months recovery period after the health issues I’ve faced in the last months. I guess it’s now about finding the right balance between making the most of my time here, planning the future for The Moto Quest and listening to my body and soul’s needs.

Last weekend at the Kustom Nationals in Phillip Island was a bit like time-travelling for me. Not only because I’ve been surrounded by pre ’65 vehicles only; it also brought back a lot of old memories from a time in Australia that feels so long ago and yet still so close.






2 thoughts on “Time Travelling

  1. I’m glad you’re in a place where you can get better.
    I wish I could mail you a hug! Take all the time you need, but I’m looking forward to your next adventure!

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