All Female Ride

Last weekend about 30 girls on motorcycles turned heads while throttling through Melbourne towards Warrandyte via Diamond Creek and Kangaroo Ground.


Sunday morning’s meeting point was at Kustom Kommune in Collingwood and it was a slightly different atmosphere in the stylish old factory building than I had experienced before. Female giggles and laughers mixed with engine sounds and the hugs were as welcoming as the smell of coffee and donuts.

I had butterflies in my tummy when I pulled up on the Harley XR1200 that a friend kindly lent to me for the day, because I have been wanting to join a girls ride since so long! It was incredibly excited to watch one lady after another arriving and parking their bikes along the road; a big line up of all sort of different machines that I didn’t expect.

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After a little briefing by Nicole, one of the more experienced riders and Staci and Tamara, who put in a great effort to organise the ride, the boys from Kustom Kommune treated us with a lucky draw in which they gave away a membership for Kustom Kommune. An amazing encouragement for female riders to learn more about mechanics and work on their own bikes.


If you have ever done a group ride, you would know how hard it is to describe the amazing feeling when taking off together. The rattling sound, the bright smiles, the attention, the vibration and the feeling of strength through some form of union with likeminded people.
I was in my absolute happy place that morning and it was funny to watch pedestrians and drivers watching us rolling past – you could almost read their minds: “Oh wow! That’s a girl on that bike! Hold on, that one too?! Another one!! They are all WOMEN!!!!! Wow!!!”

It was a perfect day for a ride, the weather gods were kind to us and the roads winded through gorgeous Australian landscapes while the chrome of the bikes was glittering almost as bright as our eyes.
So far, I had only joined riding groups as a rather inexperienced rider and it was new for me to now have a somewhat loud and big bike, to help marking the corners and not to be the one that needs to be looked after anymore. A very grown up feeling to be out of your bike nappies!

The boys from Melbourne Café Racers, my group that I have usually been riding with when I still lived in Melbourne, where waiting for us by the river in Warrandyte with burgers patties sizzling on the BBQ. What a perfect world, in which the ladies go out for a morning cruise and have lunch cooked for by the boys! (Not to mention that they were wearing sexy bike gear while cooking.) It was an amazing feeling to have met so many new friends that day, but also share stories with old riding buddies that I have missed to ride with so much in the last 1.5 years.


We had about 50 bikes lined up in the picnic area by the river and it was great to watch the respect, fun and knowledge that were shared amongst all riders.


Several groups went different directions, some continued further to Healsville, some went home or had Sunday commitments elsewhere…


I headed back to Melbourne with a smaller group of seven girls. Even though we all had the intention to go straight back, we seemingly found it hard to part and after a few photos at one of my favourite spots in Melbourne, from which you have a fantastic view at the skyline, we decided to all have a coffee together at the Studley Park Boathouse. A place, where on Sundays you rather find families, romantic couples and middle aged male cyclists in lycra, than girl groups on motorcycles. It was fun to gather with the ladies around a table, on which we could hardly find place for our coffees due to the helmets on it. A perfect end to the day and great opportunity to get to know each other a bit better and plan the next rides…


It was an honour and pleasure to share the road with you ladies!!




Specific acknowledgements got to:

Staci – who put in a great effort to make that ride happen
Tamara – who helped make an idea into a real thing
Ruth – who came along for a test run of the route
Nicole – who lead us to Warrandyte
Janine – took care of everyone who fell behind and needed help
Simoen – arranged coffee for us all in the morning
Hilary – bought us doughnuts
Bec – picked up our BBQ stuff in her car, helped cook and gave me a lift home
Tay – for the super cool video 

All of  the other women who stopped and helped when riders stalled, had mechanical problems or took a wrong turn. And those who gave encouragement to those who looked nervous, are new to this, were shy.
The support we got from other groups,
especially Kustom Kommune and Melbourne Cafe Racers.

4 thoughts on “All Female Ride

  1. Ahhhh Aileeeeeeen!!!!!!!

    Thank you for writing up such a wonderful, summary of the day! I’m so glad you were able to attend, it was great to have you along with us for your first group ride after returning to Melbourne. And I’m so so sooooo pleased that you are spreading the word of these awesome, fabulous, wonderful women riders, what a great bunch of people to hang out with, loved it!

    Shall we ride again? I think we MUST!


  2. The all female ride is one of those experiences that I will never forget. From the moment I arrived I felt apart of a big family. It was so well organized, the coffee and donuts on arrival, the talk about the ride before we left, the ride and corner marking and the barbecue which catered for all tastes, ready when we arrived at Warrandyte. The photos and video were so professionally done, a perfect memento of the day.

    Thank you to everyone that contributed to a memorable day, I am really looking forward to the next one.

  3. Hi girls,

    Unfortunately I only found out about your all female ride after you’ve already done it. Watched the video, looks like you had a lot of fun! I’m hoping there’ll be another one soon, because I’d love yo join you.
    Cheers Susanna

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