“Burn to shine. Diamonds start as coal. The light is darkest just before the dawn. 

They’re common inspirational quotes used over and over the world over to remind us, that pushing through our hardest moments will make us better, beautiful and visible to more people. For Aileen, The Moto Quest is the conduit that got her through the difficult parts to the person she is now. Open, positive, grateful and free.”

I am incredibly flattered and honoured to be published on In Venus Veritas, an inspiring website about Petrolettes with word and photos by Heleana Genaus.



“The greatest thing I learnt from Aileen in our short time together was that on looking back on all the “mountains”, all the challenges I once conquered. After scaling them I was often left wondering where the sense of achievement is? There are no parades waiting for you, no marching band to celebrate your achievements but rather (and I think even better) a new normal. Before The Moto Quest, Aileen was left wondering what her purpose in life is, where she belonged, what more she could make of the zen she finds on motorcycles…
it took life to kick her down to find her “shine”.”
In Venus Veritas



A very special THANK YOU to Rewind MC for lending me two wheels to explore Sydney and surroundings!

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