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Ooooh it has been such a long time that I haven’t been writing and yet, there would’ve been so much to tell you about my life back in Germany.
(Apologies in advanced, I am pretty sure my English has suffered big times since I am back home. So please don’t be too critical with my writing…)

Additionally to that, this is a rather rushed post as I am in the middle of packing up for the next chapter of The Moto Quest, which I will embark on Monday 11th April!! Yes, you are right, less than 48hrs!!!

TMQ Scarmbler Ducati 4
Now, where to start…?
Maybe first a little information about my life in the last 8 months and the reason for my silence…
Being home has been great and challenging at the same time. As wonderful as it is to be back with family and friends that I know for almost a lifetime; it has been strange in many ways, too. Six years away from home have changed me and of course I am not quite the same Aileen that I was when I left in 2009. Therefor I often felt like I am not fitting in here so well anymore. My view on life has extended and opened up dramatically… Potsdam, my cute little hometown is such a beautiful historical and peaceful city and Berlin, which is just on the doorstep, a place that many people dream to live at. And don’t get my wrong, I am extremely grateful and do see the treasures that these places hold for tourists as well as for people that lived here their whole life… But what troubles me since I’m back, is this very consume oriented life and the constant rush and tension of people here. The loss of connection to nature, spirit, family and most sadly; themselves. Many of the Germans appear like robots to me. And the dilemma is, even though I lived a very simple life in the past 12 months, didn’t create any comfort zone or luxury living, didn’t even have a flat or own space and fitted into two bags; I still have to admit, I’m not save from it either!
I am craving badly again, what I have described when I started The Moto Quest:

”Aren’t we all dreaming about escaping our controlled reality and this plastic-like bubble, which we have created and call “life”? Rather than being a victim of society I’ve chosen to try and break the mold.”

I have also experienced how it affected my psyche and my health, to be back in the rather efficiency focused society. After the Dengue dramas I was facing at the end of 2014, my body was still in recovery mode last year, when another wave of health issues hit my hard in July 2015.
Between then and December, I had to go through four surgeries, many weeks in hospital and months of rehab. Missing out on most of the summer and on what I love doing most; riding and living life at its fullest. Apart from a very few moments when I got to do a lap on a friends bike, I haven’t been in the saddle at all.

In the meantime, while feeling incredibly stuck in my own body and in life itself, I used my spare time to found Berlin Café Racers and created a platform for enthusiasts of classic and custom bikes in Berlin. Something we didn’t have here at all and I was missing a lot, after what I had experienced in Australia and Indonesia. So instead of dreaming and ranting about it, I gave birth to this baby.

                                                   Berlin Café Racers on Instagram-Logo-0041

Which by now as grown to an amazing community since the first ride out with 43 motorcycle, which I had organised in October last year. It makes me very proud and I am so happy of seeing all these strangers growing closer together, supporting each other, building friendships and creating memories that will last…

BCR photo 3

Even though I haven’t been very mobile, I worked constantly on bringing The Moto Quest back on the road. I wrote uncountable concepts and proposals, networked in the motorcycle industry and held tight to my dreams.


Now, I am incredibly delighted to finally present you the next chapter of The Moto Quest:
On Monday I will saddle up on a Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 in Bologna, the home of Ducati in Bella Italia to venture alone across the Balkan countries in Eastern Europe all the way to Rumanian capital Bucharest.

TMQ Scrambler Ducati Official 1

I will cross Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and the southern parts of Rumania. People tend to freak out when I tell them about this route and wonder if I wasn’t aware of the political situations and that, “No one would go there at the moment, if they could chose”.
Well, that’s why I do!!

Balkan Map

This is just a very rough idea of the route… Mostly I will follow my heart wherever the road and the people that I meet will lead me…

Eastern European culture has always called me strongly and I prefer to travel where life is rather simple and people live close to the source. Beyond that I am aiming to showcase the “real life” behind what we see filtered through news and media based on my very personal experiences.

I would lie if I would pretend that I wasn’t nervous. Hell, I am!!! And I wish I would have announced this adventure a little early, to give you the chance of being part of my emotional rollercoaster that I am riding on since the trip has been confirmed a couple of weeks back. But because there’s been so awfully much to organize in preparation for this quest, I didn’t find the time to write this article any earlier… I can tell you one thing though; the tears were rolling out of happiness and excitement, out of extreme pressure and anxiety as well as being totally overloaded by this decision. You’d think, after my 7.000km in Indonesia, I would do this easily but firstly, I have been off the road now for quite some time, my body is still pretty weak and not yet used to riding long distances again and secondly, I am facing a complete new culture that I have never been dipping into before.

Balkan Images
One thing, which gives me the courage again to travel alone into the unknown, is that I am aware I am not travelling completely by myself. I have you, the most wonderful audience and friends that my little gypsy soul could wish for and I have some incredible and amazing sponsors on board, which didn’t only supply their products for this trip but their faith in The Moto Quest and in me as a person. Some may think, having this kind of support is just of professional nature but to each and every one of my sponsors, I have built a wonderful and valuable relationship and they put their hearts into it as much as their goods.
So please let me thank these amazing brands and the people that stand behind these names, for being truly awesome:

But now it’s time to roll…!!
You’ll hear from me from the road and I invite you to follow me on this new and exciting chapter of THE MOTO QUEST!


14 thoughts on “New Chapter

  1. Best of luck and health to get you on your way. I’ll be following your travels through your posts again, hoping your spirit thrives as you experience this new leg of your life’s adventure. Stay safe, stay happy and most of all look after yourself.

  2. Be happy, value your health always keeping that little something in reserve and enjoy your new adventure. Will be following you all the way so here’s hoping you discover more of the joys and goodness that exists in our topsy turvey world.

  3. Always the inspiration, have a wonderful time. Gute Reise.

    P.S. I don’t speak German so I hope I got that last bit right.

  4. Wow, what a marvelous journey you will have, there’s some amazing roads, scenery and people there where you are going. Godspeed & good luck!
    (If you ride near Plitvicka Jezera in Croatia, please visit there, it’s probably the most beautiful place in Europe I’ve ever visited.)

  5. I am terrified and both excited for you about this new chapter and adventure you are about to undertake. Having been with you at the inception of this Quest and watching and following your first adventure through indonesia I have no doubt you will enjoy, thrive, learn, struggle and conquer every kilometre of this next journey. My thoughts are always with you and particularly with your safe return. I hope to watch and follow your new planned trip to discover more about yourself and the places you will visit……..and as always, very envious 🙂 Becareful and hope to speak again soon.

  6. May the road rise to meet you,
    may the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    The rain fall soft upon your fields….

  7. Just read your Blog on The Moto Quest & you mentioned you live in Potsdam… When you return from your travels this time check out the guys at Urban Motor in Berlin… very friendly bunch & build superb bikes! (mostly BMW) Enjoy your travels & keep us all posted on where & what you are doing! Good luck!

  8. Hi, I wish you a save and pleasent journey to these lovely countries and very friendly people.
    best regards if you pass the road sign to Gabrovo in BG from me, living and working there lots of years before.
    All the best, I’m looking forward to your impressions.

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