My first Night The part of venturing with a bike in foreign countries that always makes me most nervous, is never knowing where I will spend the night…
And I know that many of you are always curious, how it works the way I do it; staying mostly with local people rather than in hostels or rented rooms.

Taking off in the morning without an idea, where I’ll find a place to rest is very exciting but also stresses me a lot and requires a lot of trust – in circumstances, people and in my intuition.
You’d think you get use to this… but I can tell you, you never will and this is probably what keeps the magic in such an adventure.

follow link So let me tell you about my first night:

source site I took off in Bologna at Ducati much later than I wanted. It turned out to be a bigger deal than we expected, getting this racks fixed on the bike.

The lovely Scrambler Ducati Team

source The lovely Scrambler Ducati Team

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