Worship Nature

Spring Equinox, May Day, Walpurgis Night, month of goddess Maia, return of fertility goddess Freya, Wicca worship of Ostara, Beltane Spring Fayre, Ashanti…

All around the world people worship nature and her deities in Springtime – especially on 30th April and the 1st of May.
It’s a celebration of rebirth, of flora, new beginnings and reconnection with Mother Earth, in many cultures. Rituals involving ecstatic music, drumming, bonfires and wrapping Maypoles.

The keynote of this season is CREATION!!
The dynamic energies assist us to initiate a new order without our life and identify new opportunities.


It is an ideal time for burning out the old, so that new seeds have room to sprout and be given new expressions.

This is the time to focus upon conscious transmutation and learn to bringing the Inner Light out into the external world.

Welcome Spring within and all around you!
I hope you will enjoy this little video I made in celebration of Spring. ????????

Love, light and blessings from the road,


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