Superheroine on two Wheels – RESIDENT EVIL 6

The Moto Quest and me, the protagonist of my own life’s story, often get called heroic or a superheroine; a comparison that rather makes me feel a bit embarrassed…
Riding a motorcycle doesn’t make you a super hero, but riding a motorcycle while fighting zombies and saving the world, surely does.
I felt incredibly honored meeting Milla Jovovich for the premier of “Resident Evil – The Final Chapter” in Berlin, last Thursday.

Resident Evil 6 Premier_1Resident Evil 6 Premier_4
What a crazy experience it was to hang out at the red carpet with all the photographers, who were getting mad for the perfect photo or interview with Milla and the director Paul W. S. Anderson. It was pretty friendly atmosphere with interesting chats… until, umm… the moment, when the celebrity appears. I found it quite amusing to soak in the vibe, without having any pressure of capturing the spectacle. Therefore I was even more excited when Milla Jovovich stood right in front of me in her jaw dropping beauty, answering some questions for the reporters.

My little and very unprofessional video here:


Resident Evil 6 Premier_2Picking up immediately after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice, the main character, races against time on a powerful BMW S 1000 XR with a straight-four-cylinder engine, through the depopulated streets of a destroyed world.
Milla states at the premier, that she is more scared of the motorbike than of the zombies. “I can not handle the motorbike; the zombies I can deal with.”

You can’t see any of this fear, when she speeds with 165 PS thru devastated and abandoned territories to where the nightmare began – The Hive in Raccoon City. The Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse.

Alice Resident Evil BMW small

I am absolutely no horror movie fan and probably stopped breathing for longer than it is healthy, while watching the movie in the big 3D cinema. Constantly wincing, I tried not to cover my eyes with my sweaty hands too often.
“It’s non-stop. It’s non-stop action, it’s non-stop terrifying. It’s epic.” Milla says at the carpet and I am reassured to hear, that even she has nightmares and that her daughter, who, for the first time plays in the movie too, is allowed to only watch 20 minutes of it.

Resident Evil 6 Premier_11


See! Even super heroes get scared!
And exactly here lays the parallel to The Moto Quest; I am scared often, I overcome my boundaries on such trips almost every day, I grow stronger with the tasks that I face, big motorbikes intimate me, I intuitively trust strangers, I get up just one more time than I fall – and even though I rather use love as a weapon than shooting guns; I, like Alice, try to be the best human that I can be and I’m hoping to at least save the world a tiny little bit with that…

Resident Evil 6 Premier_14 

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