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David Biene FotografieHi there, I’m Aileen. 

After my little world changed unexpectedly in August 2013, I found myself in an incredibly challenging and painful situation. Life forced me to change gear. It encouraged me to start thinking about the meaning of existence again. Even though I have always been chasing my dreams I’ve maintained my childlike sense of wonder and curiosity. I kept myself so busy in an everyday routine that I didn’t take time for pit stops; to look at the map and the road I was on…

Life kicked me out of the saddle and after a time of grieving and alteration of myself, I am getting myself back on it – well, I should say “back on the road”.

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Why would you? Here are a few things about me:

I believe in magic, silliness and the anticipation of a new day. My heart beats for motorbikes & Hot Rods. I love capturing the simplicity of every day life in photos. I am a spirited warrior that gratefully faces every moment and challenge of life with excitement and a positive attitude.

I am a German gal, who spent the last years living, working and riding in Melbourne and is now in exile in Bali. Home? Well, I suppose this website is going to be my home for a while…  I’m 29 years of age. (There were days when doctors questioned whether or not I would get to see the age of 30 – but that’s something you can read about in my ‘backstory’ soon) What else? I like the atmosphere of train stations and find happiness in the smell of rain. The cuteness of bumble bees makes me laugh, I can’t dance, I sleep talk and every now and then I nurture myself with a glass of sweet white wine. 
I am always hungry and get a crinkly nose when I laugh.

So what is this whole thing about?

It’s about a woman (me). Two wheels. Four corners.
About backpack full of dreams and a road into the unknown…

It’s about a quest for truth, growth, transformation and healing guided by my spirit, heart and intuition.

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Ubud Ricefield


About Aileen:

Aileen is a vivacious and daring biker rolled up in an elegant pin up package. A sparkling lady, who is a great inspiration on many levels. Due to the numerous challenges she faced in her young life, Aileen developed an amazing strength, wisdom and gratitude. Truly charismatic, funny and smart. A pleasant character to be around. This chick is driven, high-spirited and not afraid to live the life she desires. Her beautiful self houses an old soul, incredibly sensitive and intuitive to all aspects of existence. Aileen is a passionate and engaging human being, with a compassioned heart of gold and an always positive perspective. Loyal to her friends, audience and even her newest acquaintances. She is that kind of determined person who will chase her dreams into the sunset!

To follow The Moto Quest will bring good things to your life, a friend, shared adventures, inspiration and hopefully the motivation to follow your own dreams.