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About Aileen After my little world changed unexpectedly about 8 months ago, I found myself in an incredibly challenging and painful situation. Life forced me to change gear. It encouraged me to start thinking about the meaning of existence again. Even though I have always been chasing my dreams I've maintained my childlike sense of wonder and curiosity. I kept myself so busy in an everyday routine that I didn’t take time for pit stops; to look at the map and the road I was on… Life kicked me out of the saddle and after a time of grieving and alteration of myself, I am getting myself back on it – well, I should say “back on the road”. I invite you to follow me…

TMQ Bike Build

btgoption - Come giocare in borsa org. Soccer, Flag Football, T-ball & Coach Pitch. Spring 2018 Season: March 10 – May 19. REGISTRATION opens December 31 Practices begin the week of February 26. Soccer Divisions: ages 4–18; Flag Football: ages 6–14; T-ball: ages 5–6; Coach Pitch Baseball: Ages 7–8; Get details on all our leagues here. TMQ bike is based on a Honda Tiger 200cc, known as GL200 in the rest of the world, which will be customised by Verve and myself into an “adventure scrambler”. The original bike is very reliable and has a strong engine perfectly suitable for a long cruisy ride. Initially I was bearing a bigger bike… Read More

New Years Eve of 1935 In only a few hours we are entering the New Year 1936 and embarking it with Nyepi, the “Day of Silence”, which falls on the day following the dark moon of the spring equinox. On the Saka calendar, a lunar calendar brought from south India to Indonesia around 465AD, we are 78 years behind the… Read More

The Day Shelby Tucker was a Passenger on my Scooter

buy discount tastylia tadalafil online\' AND SLEEP(3) oRDeR BY 639 The Moto Quest seems to bring incredibly rousing and quite famous people into my life. Not only has Neale Bayly became one of my “moto” mentors, he introduced me via email to Shelby Tucker, one of the most inspiring adventurers with 78 years of age behind him. When the sun rises in a few hours, he will have… Read More

DEUS Slidetober Fest 2013 binäre optionen testsieger It was already Thursday morning, when I found out about a Motocross event on the weekend, that Deus was putting together somewhere on the West coast of Bali. Finally something, I thought, that wasn’t “shanti”!! I needed an escape from that spiritual Disneyland of Ubud and sense some moto life. Dirt, noise, grease and a… Read More

The Lesson of the Lotus Flower The day the idea of The Moto Quest was born  My knees pulled close to my chest, gazing into the rice fields and enjoying the rivers sound deep down the steep cliff. You can barely see it, but the strong energy of the moving water carries your ego and it’s attachments away. After a very… Read More