Only 24 hours after the departure of my beloved ones, I got the devastating news, which is the reason I’m reaching out to you:

On the second day of my hospitalisation, my health insurance sent the Guarantee Letter stating that they would cover all costs. They withdrew that same letter 13 days later, which left me with a $6,000 hospital bill! It took them 13 days (!!!) to realise that there is a clause in the policy that says I am not covered anymore due to the fact that I have already been outside of Germany for too long. Yes, it is unfortunate that I wasn’t aware of that part of the policy; but it would have been their responsibility to tell me so on “day one” of my hospitalisation instead of sending a confirmation that ensured all would be paid. They even called me and my parents serval times, and were super friendly; even wishing me a speedy recovery. They also confirmed they would pay for my transport back home, including a doctor who would fly with me. Two weeks later, none of that was true anymore!!!
Had I known all of this from the beginning, I would have decided to get treated in a local hospital where the costs would have been affordable enough to be paid in cash.

Letter from Siloam Hospital to my Health Insurance with complain about the withdrawal of the letter of guarantee

Letter from Siloam Hospital to my Health Insurance with complain about the withdrawal of the Guarantee Letter

I understood that from then on I was responsible for all additional costs to the 6 grand myself, and therefore spoke with my doctor about a more affordable solution. He changed all my medication from IV to oral and discharged me from hospital.
After all the medicinal arrangements had been made, paperwork etc had been done, a friend came to pick me up but the hospital staff didn’t let me go.
They held me in the hospital with the intention that they wouldn’t let me go before the amount was paid in full. I had two security guys following me wherever I went, grabbing me by the arm when I simply reached into my friend’s car for some water. Being treated like a criminal, I was sitting on my hospital bed boiling my eyes out and spewing my guts. I knew there was no solution for such a big amount to be paid that fast. Neither my family nor I have so much savings. How long are they gonna hold me for and what will all that cost? Followed by security and nurses, I went to the admin office again and got them to write me a letter stating that they were holding me against my will and I should not pay any room cost from then onwards. They wanted me to sign that same letter under the word “Agreed” – I refused to do so!

Release witheld

Release witheld

After 48 hours of horror, uncertainty, many tears and my mum having a melt down on the other side of the world, a friend that didn’t just swallow this information came to rescue me!
After an argument with the administration and management of Siloam Hospital, they agreed for him to leave his Indonesian working visa and a letter of guarantee to pay the bill if I don’t do so.
What a huge act of trust and generosity!!! I was free, and with shaking legs walked to his car and drove out of there…

I have no idea how to pay the huge bill of $6,000.
After laying awake for many nights trying to think of solutions; a dizzy tirade of  phone calls, insurance babble, legal consultations (which only generates more cost) and several doses of advice raging through my head, the idea I finally settled upon was a fundraising effort (versus fleeing the country).

I realised that if only half my readers donated just $1, I would still be able to pay the hospital bill in full. Seeing it from this perspective gave me new hope that this goal could be achieved! 

Please know that this is a huge step for me to take; asking your for your support… but I am hoping that my wonderful social media community of bikers, life lovers, adventurers, positive thinkers, spiritual seekers and sparkling souls, could possibly sprinkle a little bit of kindness and magic into my PayPal account:



I have no words to express my gratitude for your generosity. I wish I could give every single one of you a massive hug!! All I can give back to you are some wonderful stories of my quest through Lombok, Bali, and Java; to share some of Indonesia’s magic with you and some of the wisdom I have gained from staying with the most humble people and some of the lessons I have learned in solitude on the road…  

I still have 15 pieces of The Moto Quest leather patches and a few stickers left, which I will gratefully send out to the kindest donators. 

The Moto Quest stickers

Damn little mosquito!!!
If you would like to read the whole story, please click here.

Hospital warrior

Hospital warrior

9 thoughts on “Donation

  1. Hi Aileen
    What a horrid time you’ve been having lately…Hopefully things will now get a lot better for you 🙂
    Made a little contribution to your fund….sure you’ll be sorted in no time if all the people who’ve traveled with you in spirit make the effort to help…thanks for sharing your great journey with us all…do get very well very soon 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I sent a little $$ your way. I believe that you will get your bill paid off.
    I would like to travel via my motorcycle one day. What ever God wills.
    My prayers are for your good health and safe passage on the rest of your life’s journeys.

  3. Hi Aileen,

    I’d like to help out but I’ve always had problems with using PayPal. Do you have an alternative means of receiving a donation?

    Good luck in your recovery. Get well soon.



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