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http://www.cilentoescursioni.it/?kiskwa=piattaforma-forex-demo-gratis&258=29 I have learned to be grateful every single day. For the fact that I am alive. For life itself and all the beautiful things its build of. Nature, relationships, motorcycles, emotions… I could count so many things that are worth being thankful for, but at the end it all sums up in one word: LIFE.… Read More

The Lesson of the Lotus Flower

tarjetas de cumpleaГ±os para mujeres solteras The day the idea of The Moto Quest was born  My knees pulled close to my chest, gazing into the rice fields and enjoying the rivers sound deep down the steep cliff. You can barely see it, but the strong energy of the moving water carries your ego and it’s attachments away. After a very… Read More