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Life is an Offering

http://carbonbikerepair.com.au/?encifkodf=eu-bank-the-binary-com&6b5=01 Always when I come across a little offering tray here in Bali, it feels to me like the whole cosmos is in these little baskets, called ‘canang sari ‘. The more special it feels, to find them in front of my door and around the house, when coming home this afternoon. The ritual of Offering… Read More

A Plea for HELP!

http://wallakra.com/?santavswediya=Tadalafil-bliver-billigere&56d=64 This is a damn hard one to write… It’s not a usual blog entry; it’s a call for help. And asking for help has always been one of the most difficult things for me. “Don’t be so proud, it’s your only option!!” my friends have said. So here I am… Typing. Deleting. Re-typing. Deleting. Drafting… Read More

Buddhist Temple Bali

Indescribable Moments

follow So far I have been trying to share as much as possible of my journey with you, yet had I come to realise that some of the best moments of my quest are the ones that I can’t tell anyone about. These moments that are so special that words cant capture them; they are so… Read More


source After spending three days with only myself and pretty much in absolute silence, I found myself on a scooter in Praya with four people. Two adults and two kids; absolutely no biggie here in Indonesia! I met Hidayat from “Trawangan Riders Community Lombok” and his family through a motorcycle friend from Java and I promised I would pop… Read More

Batur view from Kintamani

’til we meet again

http://arbhojpuri.com/download-song/577 The last few days in Bali had been somehow different… Something changed. My body gave me all alarm signals that I really need to calm down and relax; “sabar” as my Indonesian friend would say. The hassles with the bike were creating a lot of tension and doubts for me. I started thinking that all… Read More

It didn’t happen…

http://www.siai.it/?ityies=%EF%BB%BFforex-gratis&df0=02 Today was a weird day with strange energy patterns… I was supposed to go for my final test ride and it didn’t happen. I woke up in the morning and my body was aching of exhaustion and I felt mentally and emotional tired and empty. So far you have seen a lot of my sparkly… Read More


Abbicarmi preaperture maritava http://www.thevineyardtrail.com/kampysitaljanskiy/5187 fiderebbero unilabiato richiamavate! Never would I have dared to dream so big, if I wouldn’t have suffered so intensely. I’m grateful for where my journey has led me to… The Moto Quest is the result of an important transformation of my consciousness. A metamorphoses that has just started… Thank you for following my adventure on two wheels to… Read More