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You say I dream too big I say you think too small

Lets see how extendable reality is…

http://hongrie-gourmande.com/frensis/2169 Last year my heart was broken painfully. The grief and sadness over a lost life in a country, which I had chosen to be my home and my lost love, gave me the power and extra bit of madness to fuel the dream of The Moto Quest. “He” blamed me for being a dreamer and… Read More

Transformation, Change and Letting Go.

http://yuktung.com.my/esnew/415 Last night was a powerful full moon in zodiac sign Scorpio and not only did I place my crystals outside to charge in lunar’s silver shine; I also used the strong energy to pull a tarot card for a reading on my quest. “When the Moon is in a sign, our emotions are engaged with… Read More

It didn’t happen…

http://www.goodlight.it/?bioreresd=binary-bot-pro&dff=01 Today was a weird day with strange energy patterns… I was supposed to go for my final test ride and it didn’t happen. I woke up in the morning and my body was aching of exhaustion and I felt mentally and emotional tired and empty. So far you have seen a lot of my sparkly… Read More